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Doodles Creek

Our family food ​​business started from a farmyard kitchen in 200​​​2. H​​aving relocated from Sydney for a rural lifestyle we decided to start a food business. We are passionate about food and adore mayonnaise. Having lived in London and Kenya, we were frustrated by the quality of Australian Mayonnaise here at the time. We started to make mayonnaise from the kitchen at home and sold it to local and Sydney customers. ​​The name Doodles Creek, was inspired by the permanent pristine spring-fed creek that r​​an through the family farm in Kangaloon in the Southern Highlands south of Sydney.

Doodles’ products soon expanded to include innovative flavoured mayonnaises, like Chilli Lime and Coriander and Wasabi. All new products have to pass the often harsh and critical evaluations of the family who now have highly sophisticated taste buds. There is no compromise to quality and the products are as natural as the manufacturing and storage processes will allow. For example, unlike most other mayonnaises, Doodles mayonnaise is thickened traditionally with egg yolks and the salad dressings have no added water or preservatives.​

We are very proud that Doodles Creek today is one of Australia’s leading gourmet food brands, renown for quality, freshness and innovation.​ We have been awarded medals for our mayonnaise but are most proud of the “g​ood egg” award from the RSPCA re​cognising our use of free range eggs since 2009.

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