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Food for Health

Food for Health

Food for Health gives you all the health benefits you need in a convenient bar for healthy eating on the go! Fruit Free options and all are packed with fibre and protein to keep you moving for longer. Nutritious and delicious - Food for Health bars are Australian made,

support digestive health, are gluten free, contain no added cane sugar, offer fructose free options and are packed full of fibre.

The Food for Health’s Muesli range has been created to make life that little bit easier for people who care about their health and are looking for gluten-free, low sugar and delicious breakfast options. Containing nutritious superfood ingredients including teff, amaranth and chia. High in fibre and a rich source of calcium and resistant starch, making it the perfect choice to support your blood-sugar management.

Our products are Australian made, support digestive health and are packed full of fibre and protein. Among our range we have gluten free, fructose free and dairy free options.

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