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Max's & Maxine's Protein

 Max's & Maxine's Protein

Our company, Aminoactive, was founded in 1989 on a passion for weight training, working out, eating right, building muscle, and being the best you can be. If you’re into it you’ll know what we mean. Our co-founders, Keith Ellis and Paul Kirkham, met in the gym over 40 years ago, and have forged a life-long friendship and business partnership based on this shared love of training, health and nutrition. Keith was a successful bodybuilder who would go on to become one of Australia’s best, while Paul was a Biochemist who was into sports science and nutrition. Their grass roots connections to trainers and bodybuilders at all levels led to the creation of the MAX’S range of Bodybuilding and Nutritional supplements.

Today MAX’S is a leading Australian Bodybuilding Supplement brand. Our passion for bodybuilding, weight training and performance nutrition is as strong as ever. We believe that quality, purity and effective formulations are the essential elements that our MAX’S products must provide and we will never compromise this belief.

We make highly effective, high quality bodybuilding supplements. Sure, we have lots of fun with our MAX’S brand and our MAX character, because getting in shape, training hard and eating right is fun and enjoyable – why else would you do it?

But we are really serious about our products. We don’t compromise on quality, we research the latest sports science to develop cutting edge formulations, we source the best ingredients, and we manufacture to the highest standards. We don’t just make these products for you, we use them ourselves – everyday.

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