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Table of Plenty

Table of PlentyTable of Plenty is an Australian manufacturer of exceptionally high quality breakfast cereals, snack products, dukkahs and rubs. Their products include gluten free options, are nutritionally balanced and competitively priced. Table of Plenty exists in order to make the lives of mothers and families easier, healthier and more abundant; to help you get the best out of life. It was founded by Kate Weiss during a difficult period in her life after the birth of her daughter, Amy, who has a disability. It began as a way for Kate to reconnect to her passion for life and to reach out to other mothers in the community.

Kate started to make spice blends, mueslis and snacks, drawing on her experience of living in different countries around the world and her love and study of food and her new perspective as a mother to a child with special needs. Each product is one that Kate would and does feed her family. Our mantra is: “Food that you can trust from one mother to another”.

Kate also believes that what we put into our bodies (and minds) is a critical foundation for our vitality and health. When we look after our well-being we can then create healthy families and vibrant communities. We invite you to become part of this exploration and celebration of life. Over the years, Kate and Table of Plenty have provided over 65,000 work hours to Australian people with a disability or special needs and continue to do so on a daily basis. We have adopted the concept championed by our partner (SCOPE Victoria) “See the person, not the disability”. Our support to the community and to causes outside of the business are an integral part of who we are and our reason for existence.

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